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The 7 Levels of Energy has a separate refund policy.


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Slaying your Inner Critic


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The 7 Levels of Energy/Awareness


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Life Balance





Chaos to Clarity ~ Finding the Inner You


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Vision Board


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What people are saying about margaret's workshops

Margaret’s workshops have completely changed my life! From the way I think and talk about myself, to the energy I bring to every day situations ,  to how I view difficult interactions. Margaret’s workshops have helped me make huge shifts towards a more joyful life! I am so much more conscious of the blessings in my world and the blessing that I am to the world. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to attend! ~ Tami G

Great handouts and visual presentation.  Margaret is good at getting everyone in the class to participate.  She is friendly and so easy to learn from.  Great Value!! ~ Marguerite C

What an empowering class.  I feel more confident in myself and know that I will continue to be reminded of many of these key points presented here today. ~ Tammy H

I’m so thankful for this workshop with Margaret! She helped give me the clarity and insight that I needed at the right time. Knowing that there will be more workshops brings comfort to my mind and soul.  ~ Candice J

Margaret breaks down the process of setting goals.  I had always heard about making my goals SMART goals, but she then breaks it down even further.  I really liked the accountability part of the workshop. ~ Kim H

I appreciate your guidance and leadership. I really benefited from the encouragement I received in goal setting. You didn’t let me take the easy way out and you challenged my comfort zones. I loved the workshop and am looking forward to the next one. ~ Tamara L

I loved the format of the workshop.  It flowed and was informative on very deep levels.  The personal stories were beautifully woven into the presentation.  I feel jump started and all things are possible. ~ Nicole S