Discover you Inner Confidence ~ Find your path to Freedom

Do you constantly compare yourself to others and feel unworthy?

Are you afraid of disappointing the people in your life?

Are you worried about what people think of you?

Do you find that you have trouble speaking up for yourself?

Do you let others determine your self-worth and value?

Not too long ago I would have answered YES to all of those phrases above. 

However, I have spent many hours working on and challenging those self-defeating beliefs.   My passion is to help others break the cycle of destructive self-talk and find their path to freedom.

Are you ready to lose the fear, self-doubt, and guilt and jump on your path to freedom?

Together we will uncover what is driving the need to constantly compare yourself to others.  We will explore the messages you have received in your life that have contributed to your beliefs of being unworthy and not enough.

We will challenge and chip away at those beliefs until we have created this amazing place for fearlessness and confidence to flow. The confidence to feel secure in who you are, to ask for what you need, and to respect yourself and your abilities.

Acknowledge and celebrate the gifts you have and the value you provide in this world.

Isn’t it time to take back your life and live fully, without limitations?

Reflections on working with Margaret

Margaret is one of the most sincere and approachable people I’ve met; she is warm in her nature and comfortably intelligent in her thoughts and demeanor.  What I found working with her as my Life Coach is that she has the ease and ability to bring forth the knowledge to the answers I came to her seeking. She pointed out very clearly and sweetly, they happened to be in my lap the whole time!

Margaret helped remind me how easy My Life could be with the tools she provided, how “unstuck” I [really] am per just a little tweaking on my version of clarity…and that just a little dusting off of my confidence has placed me in a state of recognizing my possibilities and what a beautiful life I am creating.

– Nicole S

I was at a crossroads in my life, stuck and honestly quite scared. I had just had a baby and was having to make some hard decisions regarding my professional career. Margaret coached me through the process and helped me get in touch with myself to create an action plan. She held a space of non-judgment that helped me honor my values! She continues to be my cheerleader and I couldn’t thank Margaret enough for the clarity and sense of peace and purpose she has brought into my life.

– Dipti S

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