Meet Margaret

Certified Professional Coach

I am living a life that I couldn’t even have imagined a few years ago.

I am happy, self-confident and possess a deep inner calm and feeling of “rightness” because I finally accept all of ME. My inner self is in complete alignment with how I express myself to the world.  Without a doubt, I know I AM living my life exactly as I am supposed to, confidently and fearlessly with a strong sense of purpose.  I wake up every morning energized and excited to see what will happen next!!

I can tell you that I wasn’t always this way.

I worked in state government for over 25 years where I coached and provided leadership to dozens of employees throughout my career. I had promoted pretty far up in the organization yet, I knew something big was missing from my life.

Over the last couple of years the craziness had increased to a point that I started to question the direction my life was going.  I was mentally exhausted every night when I got home and I didn’t feel like doing anything except crawling into bed and sleeping.  I got up every morning at 5:00 am and went to work on time, but I was just going through the motions and it was becoming harder and harder.  This was a sure sign that things were not OK.

I started to examine beliefs I had created over the years and how they made me feel in the hope of figuring out how I ended up at this point in my life.

The truth was that I had just been tolerating so much in my life because it was familiar to me and deep down I didn’t believe I was worth anything more.  I had spent my life trying to make everyone else happy, saying YES to everyone and trying to live up to their expectations of who they thought I should be and how I should act.  I did whatever needed to be done, even if I didn’t want to, so people would like me.

I lacked confidence to be myself and I didn’t know who I was, what made me happy or even what mattered to me.  I had shut down and became angry at the world.  I felt stuck and couldn’t see any other options.

A friend offered me the opportunity to experience coaching first hand.  Having a coach guide me through some self-reflection allowed me to take an honest look at where I was on my current path versus where I wanted to go.  I realized that I was living my life from a place of fear and self-doubt and that I could choose to do things differently!

The awareness that I wasn’t my past and the realization that I always have a choice opened my eyes to explore all possibilities.

I decided that it was time to leave my job and discover what makes me happy, speak up for my needs and drop the fear around what others might think of me and my choices.

I work with women who are looking for a change.  Perhaps they find themselves in a similar place as I was and are ready to challenge the fear, self-doubt and lack of confidence they are experiencing.  Women who are ready to embrace who they are meant to be and live a purposeful life of their choosing and creation.

I believe coaching is an amazing and powerful process and I encourage you to experience it for yourself.  Don’t let fear and self-doubt keep you stuck in a life you are just tolerating.

Let’s explore the world of possibilities that are waiting for you!!